Balance Bike

Give your child the confidence they need to ride a bike by practicing their balance and skip the training wheels. Seat can be adjusted to a child’s height giving it a comfortable edge.


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Esta bicicleta de balance le enseñará a su hijo a mantener el equilibrio, una habilidad crucial necesaria antes de hacer la transición a una bicicleta de pedales de dos ruedas. El sentido de independencia y confianza en sí mismo de su hijo se hará evidente a medida que aprenda a mantener el equilibrio y conducir a su propio ritmo: primero caminando, luego deslizándose.


This balance bike will teach your child how to balance—a crucial skill necessary before transitioning to a two-wheeled pedal bicycle. Your child’s sense of independence and self-confidence will become apparent as they learn to balance and steer at their own pace: first walking, then gliding.



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