What happens if a rented accessory is broken or a piece(s) is lost?

Wear and tear from accessories is normal and does not incur any cost to the user.  If any damage (or loss of components) is found that does not allow the use of toys by other  users, a fee of between US$5.00 to US$9.00 will be charged, depending on the extent of the damage and the value of the product. If the damage completely disables the use of the gear, according to our evaluation, the market value of the product will be charged at a discount of 20%, as it was not a new product.

Does the delivery service have an extra cost?? 

Rental prices already include delivery service in the metropolitan area of Mexico City, there is no extra cost for accessories delivery in this region.

How do the baby gear travel?

Baby gear is delivered in returnable packaging, which must be stored and then returned with the product. To support the reuse of materials, the loss of returnable packaging applies a fine of US$1.00 to replenish them.

Is the baby gear clean?

Prior to shipment, baby gear go through a hygiene process with chemical-free products to avoid any risk of allergies. The products are transported in packaging that guarantees hygiene.

Do I have to assemble the baby gear that require assembly?

Our delivery team can help assemble and install the toys that require assembly. At the time of confirmation of the delivery date, our customer service team must inform the delivery manager’s details and coordinate the available schedule so that we can assemble the accessories.

How long does an rent last?

The rental term is per day.

How are rental payments made?

We work with the Openpay payment platform to process your bank card payments securely.

We also have PayPal system to process payments.

Please contact our service: contacto@toktok.com.mx